Another year around the sun. Today, I woke up 30! Wow, where has time gone. There were so many things I learned throughout my twenties; so many experiences. At some points, it felt like I was going through a never ending whirlwind of chaos; can’t say I’ll miss it lol. There were so many rough patches and hard moments. However, there were also way more good moments in comparison to the bad. I will admit that I learned a lot in my twenties. Let’s see, where do I begin? I learned that anything is possible and no one can stop me from doing what I want to do. I learned that it’s okay to not be okay; we all have our days. I learned to live in the moment and to just let go of the things that don’t and shouldn’t matter. I learned to channel and control my anger. I learned that I’m in control of the energy and space around me; I’m the curator and controller of my feelings and emotions. I learned the power I hold in my voice. I learned self-love and how to not be complacent or confirmed by the standards of others. I fell in love with myself and all things me. I learned to love my smile;m, gap and all. I learned to be comfortable in my body. I learned that I’m a very passionate person, a cry baby a times, who often takes on the problems of the world. I learned that I’m an empath; constantly feeling everything around me. I learned that laughing and smiling are two of my preferred activities. I learned to push myself through discomfort to gain comfort. I learned that sleep is my best friend and taking care of my body is a necessity; what I eat matters. I learned that though the people in the world may not always be kind; I grow kinder with every breath I take. I learned that every moment in life won’t be filled with positivity but that doesn’t mean I can’t try. I learned to be authentic in every space I enter. I learned that the bubble of positive and good energy around me is massive; not shrinking it for anyone! I learned that I exude goodness and I get that same energy back everyday. I’m ready for this next decade in life. I pray God delivers unto me endless blessings, good fortune, and prosperity across all aspects of life. I’m ready for you thirties; it’s going to be the best years yet; I claim that!

“I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go, if you really want to go. -Langston Hughes

Walking into 30! Happy birthday to me. Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving! #flirtythirty