Everyday mood! I’m Black and I’m beautiful! I wouldn’t want to live life any other way than being Black. The culture is rich, our melanin glistens, and we are trendsetters. My resistance is displayed through my Black boy joy, my words, and my kind heart. I could hate the world around me for what they do to us but I don’t. Hate only gives them more power. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m angry with everything the world has done to us and continues to do to us; I’m just not hateful. My love for myself and my community will always shine brighter and keep me going because longevity and aging gracefully are only two of the infinite amount of things that we as a people are good at. The world tried to break us but they failed. They pushed us down and we rose up stronger than before. The world shut us out but we kept pushing forward. And sure, sometimes we may bend, but we don’t BREAK! I am authentically my Black self to my core and I hope are too because what they do is not enough to stop us. Everything I do is Black because I am Black. Being Black is not something I can get rid of, nor would I want to. I love in Black. I see the world from a Black perspective. I carry the reflection of Blackness with me everywhere I go and in every room I enter. I walk with you Black people. I carry you with me Black people. I cry, I laugh, and I smile with you Black people. We have been here since the beginning and we will be here at the end. Our Black is beautiful, unstoppable, and everlasting. I love you Black people.