From the steep hills of West Virginia University, to the bustling city of DC, I have watched my dear friend Tyrhee Moore grow and expand his knowledge of the outdoor world to positively impact the lives of others around him. Last year Tyrhee started his organization, Soul Trak Outdoors. Soul Trak is a nonprofit organization geared towards connecting communities of color to outdoor spaces while building a coalition of outdoor leaders. I have watched Tyrhee over the last several months utilize his passion and enthusiasm about the outdoor world to transcend the mentality of others by teaching them the importance of connecting to the outdoors and physical activities for the better benefit of their own lives. Tyrhee, being the impactful and motivated person that he is, has created a safe space for people of color to engage in activities that they may normally shy away from partaking in. I have witnessed people overcome barriers and achieve milestones throughout my time participating in Soul Trak.

From going on a hiking trip, to climbing my first indoor rock climbing wall, Soul Trak has pushed me to step outside my confront zone and explore foreign spaces. For a long time I had forgotten how important physical and adventurous activities are to me. Soul Trak has pushed me to not only climb new heights, but to create new goals and conquer unthinkable feats as well. Soul Trak has pushed me to accomplish things I never thought were even possible. The first time we went indoor rock climbing, I attempted to climb this pink wall that I unfortunately could not finish. When I realized that I was not going to finish the wall, I started to beat myself up about it. It was when I came off the wall that Tyrhee told me, “Its okay that you didn’t finish, you’ll do it the next time we come.” He and everyone else cheered for me and verbally praised me for just simply attempting the climb. Tyrhee then took me to an easier wall and provided me with the tools and knowledge I needed to complete the climb. From there, I began my journey up the wall and accomplished my first indoor rock climbing experience. I left the gym feeling a little defeated that I did not complete the first wall I attempted to climb, but hopeful due to me knowing that failure leads to growth. That day, I set a goal for myself to attempt and complete the pink wall on my next visit.

The next time we went to the gym, not only did I complete the pink wall I struggled to climb the first time, I climbed and competed two new and more challenging walls as well. I felt empowered and reminded that although some things seem challenging the first time we attempt them, that doesn’t mean they’re unconquerable. Soul Trak not only encompasses ideas to expose people to the outdoor world, it helps to boost your confidence, pushes you too succeed, and reinforces mental concepts like inner strength and perseverance. Soul Trak has helped me build an even stronger character and reminded me the importance of remaining focused and pushing through even the most toughest of times. This organization has served as a reminder to not only take care of myself but the world around me as well. I’ll forever be thankful to Soul Trak for welcoming me and allowing me to just be great in my own right.

The feel of the group is like being at a family cookout with all of your favorite cousins. The group comes together and creates a big chain or trust, understanding, and support. Not only do we push ourselves to just reach out and try our best, we also push one another. The feeling towards the level of support you receive from everyone else participating in Soul Trak is truly indescribable. All I can really say is, if you’re in the DC area and haven’t become a frequent participant of the Soul Trak experience, then you’re truly missing out on the experience of a lifetime. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy having brunch and mimosas after engaging in fun physical activities. Yes, that is absolutely a thing you do when you partake in adventures with Soul Trak. I guess what I’m trying to say is, thank you to Tyrhee and Soul Trak Outdoors. Not only have I gained new friends in the DC area, I’ve gained new family. If you would like to tag along and join Soul Trak on a life changing adventure here is the link to their website,